Why you may want to ask for a recon, even if you’re approved for a credit card or financing

If you apply for a credit card, for example, and are declined, you can contact the credit card company and ask that they provide a recon or reconsideration of your application decision. During a recon, the credit card company reviews your application and determines if they can and will approve your application after all.


The recon process is not reserved for application denials. You can request a recon even when your application has been approved. A recon can be used on virtual all financial instruments, including credit cards and loans. But, let’s continue with the credit card example and say that you were approved for a $1,000 credit card and would like to get approved for a higher amount. You could request a recon by contacting the credit card company and ask that they increase the amount that they approved you for.


When the company does the recon for you, they could:

  • Uphold their denial decision
  • Fully approve your request
  • Partially approve your request


Something to consider before asking the company to reconsider their decision

The recon may result in a hard pull, although some companies will utilize the same credit report for up to 30 days. When you ask for the recon, the company must inform you if a hard inquiry will be performed. Remember that hard inquiries affect your credit score. So, you will need to determine if the recon and possible approval are worth another hard credit check.